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Huggy Wuggy Costume for Kids: Embrace the Fun

Huggy Wuggy Costume

Huggy Wuggy has taken the world by storm, and it’s no wonder that kids are clamouring to dress up as this adorable yet spooky character for parties, playdates, and, of course, Halloween. In this blog, we’ll explore some fantastic Huggy Wuggy costume ideas for kids, how to create your own Huggy Wuggy masterpiece, and some safety tips to ensure your little ones have a fun and comfortable experience.

The Many Faces of Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy, originating from the popular video game “Poppy Playtime,” has become an iconic figure in the world of children’s costumes. With its distinctive look, this character boasts an endless array of costume variations. Here are some popular Huggy Wuggy costume ideas:

  1. Classic Huggy Wuggy: Featuring the iconic blue fur, big googly eyes, and a wide toothy grin, this costume will have your child looking like they stepped right out of the game.
  2. Spooky Huggy Wuggy: For a darker twist, add some tattered clothing, fake blood, or scars for a creepier version of the classic character.
  3. Cute Huggy Wuggy: Soften the character’s look with pastel-colored fur, and a gentler smile. And heart-shaped eyes for a more cuddly costume.

Creating a Huggy Wuggy Costume at Home

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, creating a Huggy Wuggy costume at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Materials: To create a Huggy Wuggy costume, you’ll need blue faux fur or fabric, white felt for the teeth, and a black felt for the eyes. A sewing kit or hot glue gun, and any additional materials for accessories.
  2. Outfit: Begin by creating a simple jumpsuit or onesie with blue fabric. Ensuring it fits comfortably on your child.
  3. Face: Cut out large circles for the eyes and rectangles for the teeth. Attach these to the hood or headpiece of the outfit using a sewing kit or hot glue gun.
  4. Accessories: Add any desired accessories, such as gloves, shoes, or props, to complete your child’s Huggy Wuggy look.

Safety Tips for Huggy Wuggy Costumes

While dressing up as Huggy Wuggy is undoubtedly fun, it’s essential to keep safety in mind. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your child:

  1. Visibility: Ensure that the eyes and mouth openings on the costume are large enough to allow your child to see and breathe easily.
  2. Fit: Choose materials that are soft, breathable, and comfortable. And make sure the costume fits well without being too tight or loose.
  3. Supervision: Always supervise your child when they are wearing the costume. Especially in public or around other children, to avoid potential accidents or injuries.


A Huggy Wuggy costume is an excellent choice for any child who loves this quirky character. With various options available for purchase or do-it-yourself projects, there’s no limit to how creative you can get. Just remember to prioritize safety. And your child is sure to have a blast dressing up as their favourite spooky pal.


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