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Negative Parenting Test

Negative parenting test

What is a negative parenting test?

The Negative parenting test is for parents designed by Dr John Philip Louis and his colleagues. By its name, it tests the negative aspect of a parenting style. It examines whether a parent is following the path of parenting as they were parented by their parents or retaliating against their parent’s parenting style.


negative parenting test

The IDRlabs Negative Parenting Test

IDRlabs conducted this test. They based their test on the work of Dr John Philip Louis, PhD, Alex M.Wood, and PhD, George Lockwood, PhD, who authored the tools.

Result of the Test

The test outcome is divided into the following category to understand the parenting pattern.

Competitiveness: Parents who fall under this category are very competitive and want to make their children so they see every situation as competition, even if it isn’t, and want their children always to win. If the children fail to stand up to their expectations, they become depressed and push children into depression too. 

This parenting style harms parents and children and leads to many dire consequences.

Rejection: In This parenting style, parents frequently reject their children’s insults and degrade and humiliate them. They create a sense of self-worthlessness in children afflicted with self-doubt, disappointment, fear, passivity, aimlessness and similar concerns.

Deprivation: Parents having this style deprive their children of emotional affection, which makes them emotionally inhibited when they become adults.

Adults affected by this parenting style often have unstable relationships, lack closeness, have birds and have low tolerance levels.  

 Negative parenting tests are available in many languages.

USA USA GermanyGermany BrazilBrazil SpainSpain negative parenting testFrance

negative parenting testSouth Korea negative parenting testTurkey RussiaRussia ItalyItaly negative parenting testPoland

negative parenting testEgypt

This Test is available in many languages such as English, Deutsch, Brazilian, Spanish French, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Polish and Arabic.

This IDRlabs negative parenting test is for educational purposes only and cannot accurately assess parents’ potential condition. 

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