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Love Beyond Boundaries: The Beauty of Single Parent Romance Books

Single parent romance books

Explore the world of single-parent romance books, which tell enticing stories about love, family, and overcoming obstacles. In these heartwarming stories, strong characters face the difficulties of being parents and finding love in places they didn’t expect. Explore the emotional depth and realistic portrayals that make this type of modern romance writing so popular and loved.

Here is a list of 20 single-parent romance books, each with a single-parent protagonist or love interest. The list includes both classic and modern novels, as well as a number of romantic sub-genres to appeal to a wide range of preferences.

List of Single-Parent Romance Books

1. “Roomies” by Christina Lauren

“Roomies” is a modern romance book by Christina Lauren. It is about Holland Bakker and Calvin McLoughlin, who get married for practical reasons so that Calvin, a talented subway musician, can get a green card and join a Broadway show. As they get used to their new life together, they start to feel real feelings for each other. Their relationship goes from being a practical agreement to something much more meaningful. The book is about love, trust, and making sacrifices, and it shows the beauty of New York City.

2. “Look the Part” by Jewel E. Ann

“Look the Part” by Jewel E. Ann is a modern romance book about a single father and successful lawyer named Flint Hopkins, who is still sad about the death of his wife. When music therapist Ellen Rodgers moves into the office space above Flint’s law office, the noise she makes bothers him. But Ellen’s free energy and her ability to connect with Harrison, Flint’s autistic son, slowly break down Flint’s walls.

Flint and Ellen start to become close as they deal with their differences and the problems that come with being in each other’s lives. Flint’s unresolved sadness and the difficulties of being involved in the life of a single parent get in the way of their budding relationship. The book is about healing, love, and acceptance. It also shows how music can change people and how important it is to be open to being hurt.


3. “The Will” by Kristen Ashley

“The Will” by Kristen Ashley is a modern romance book about a woman named Josephine (Josie) Malone, who finds out that her grandmother left her an unexpected inheritance after she died. To get it, she has to go back to her hometown, where she meets Jake Spear, a single father and MMA fighter who is also named in her grandmother’s will.

As Josie and Jake try to figure out their new relationship and the terms of the will, they find that they are drawn to each other, even though at first they didn’t want to. Their relationship changes as they deal with problems, face their pasts, and learn to love and trust each other. “The Will” is about family, forgiveness, and the power of love to heal emotional scars. It takes place in a small town.

4. “Dear Ava” by Ilsa Madden-Mills

"Dear Ava" by Ilsa Madden-Mills

“Dear Ava” by Ilsa Madden-Mills is a modern romance book about a high school senior named Ava Harris who goes back to school after a terrible thing happens at a party the year before. As she tries to move on, she starts getting letters from a secret lover who wants to help but doesn’t want to be known.

Knox has liked Ava for a long time. He is the famous football captain and bad boy at his school. But he is also haunted by the fact that he played a part in the event that changed Ava’s life. Ava and Knox find comfort and healing in their growing friendship as they deal with the stress of high school, their shared past, and their growing feelings for each other.

“Dear Ava” is a strong story about being strong, being able to forgive, and how love can heal mental wounds. The book talks about sensitive topics and looks at how faith and redemption can change people.

5. “Zach” by Sawyer Bennett

Sawyer Bennett’s “Zach” is the third book in the Cold Fury Hockey series, which is a modern sports romance story about the players on the Cold Fury hockey team. In this instalment, the story follows Zachary “Zach” Grantham, a star player for the Cold Fury who is known for his dedication to the game and his avoidance of relationships.

When Zach meets Kate Major, a smart, independent woman who is focused on her job as a teacher, his life takes a turn he didn’t expect. Kate is also a single mother who has to figure out how to raise her son Ben all by herself. Zach and Kate are pulled to each other, even though they were not sure at first.

As their relationship grows, they have to figure out how to combine their lives, including how to handle the tasks of being parents and the demands of Zach’s job. In the middle of everything, they find strength and love in each other’s arms.

“Zach” is a touching story about love, commitment, and the strength of family. People like the book because it has interesting characters, a steamy romance, and a true look at the problems single parents face.

6. “The Friend Zone” by Abby Jimenez

“The Friend Zone” by Abby Jimenez is a modern romance book about a strong, independent woman named Kristen Petersen. She has a secret: she has a medical condition that makes it hard for her to have children. When she meets Josh Copeland, a kind and charming firefighter, they become friends right away, but their link makes her wonder if there’s more to it.

Even though they have obvious chemistry, Kristen is hesitant to date Josh because she knows he wants a big family someday. As they deal with their feelings for each other and the problems caused by Kristen’s illness, they have to decide whether to take a chance on love or stay in the “friend zone,” where things are safe.

“The Friend Zone” is a heartfelt and emotional story about love, friendship, and the strength it takes to be vulnerable in a relationship. The book is known for its witty dialogue, characters that are easy to relate to, and realistic description of the difficulties of dating in the modern world.

7. “Wait for It” by Mariana Zapata

Mariana Zapata’s “Wait for It” is a slow-burning modern romance about Diana Casillas, a single woman who is raising her two young sons after their parents died in a tragic accident. As she tries to figure out how to be a guardian, she gets help from her neighbour Dallas Walker that she didn’t expect.

At first, Dallas, a talented baseball teacher, is shy and stays away from Diana. But as they spend more time together, they move from being reluctant neighbours to being friends, and then to something greater. Before Diana and Dallas can fully love each other, they both have to face their fears, doubts and the difficulties of starting a family.

“Wait for It” is a heartwarming and moving story about family, love, and how strong you can be when you don’t give up. People like the book because it has interesting characters, a slow-burning romance, and a realistic look at the joys and struggles of having children.

8. “Down Too Deep” by J. Daniels

“Down Too Deep” by J. Daniels is the fourth book in the Dirty Deeds series, a contemporary romance series that follows various couples in interconnected stories. In this instalment, the story revolves around Nathan Bell, a single father struggling to raise his young daughter, Marley, after the death of his wife. Overwhelmed with grief and responsibility, Nathan meets Jenna Savage, a kind-hearted and nurturing woman with two children of her own.

When Jenna offers to help Nathan care for Marley, they form a strong bond as they navigate the challenges of single parenthood together. As they spend more time together, their friendship deepens and evolves into a passionate romance. However, they must confront their pasts, insecurities, and fears about blending their families before they can fully embrace their love for one another.

“Down Too Deep” is a heartfelt and emotional story that explores themes of love, family, and the power of second chances. Some of the novel’s most memorable aspects are the heartfelt interactions between the protagonists and their children as well as the realistic depiction of single parenthood.

9. “Ghosted” by J.M. Darhower

“Ghosted” by J.M. Darhower is a second-chance contemporary romance novel that follows the story of Jonathan Cunningham, a successful Hollywood actor, and Kennedy Garfield, a struggling single mother. The two were once high school sweethearts with dreams of stardom, but their relationship fell apart when Jonathan left Kennedy behind to pursue his acting career.

Years later, Jonathan returns to his hometown, hoping to reconnect with Kennedy and be a part of their daughter’s life. Kennedy, however, is hesitant to let Jonathan back into her life, fearing he might break her heart again or disrupt the stable life she has built for her daughter.

As they attempt to navigate their unresolved feelings for each other and the challenges of co-parenting, Jonathan and Kennedy must confront their past mistakes and insecurities. Throughout the story, they learn the true meaning of love, forgiveness, and the sacrifices necessary to make a relationship work.

“Ghosted” is an emotional and heartwarming story that explores themes of second chances, personal growth, and the power of love to heal wounds from the past. The novel is known for its engaging characters, witty banter, and realistic portrayal of the complexities of parenthood and relationships.

10. “The Life That Mattered” by Jewel E. Ann

“The Life That Mattered” by Jewel E. Ann is the first book in The Life Series, an emotional contemporary romance about Evelyn (Evie) Wolfe and Ronin Alexander. Evie and Ronin connect instantly as young adults. Their friendship becomes a decade-long love affair.

Evie and Ronin struggle to balance career goals, long-distance relationships, and love as they grow older. They face their pasts, fears, and decisions as they navigate life and love.

“The Life That Mattered” is a moving narrative about love, sorrow, and choice. The work is noted for its compelling characters, evocative storytelling, and strong connection between the protagonists. The series continues in “The Life You Stole.”

11. “Until It Fades” by K.A. Tucker

“Until It Fades” by K.A. Tucker is a contemporary romance about Catherine Wright, a young single mother in a small town who works as a waitress to support her daughter, Brenna. She saves a man from a late-night vehicle accident, changing her life. The man is famed hockey player Brett Madden, the son of an actress.

Catherine struggles to adjust to the spotlight after her heroic act while protecting her daughter and herself from the close-knit community’s judgment. Catherine and Brett fall in love, but celebrity and Catherine’s mistakes complicate their relationship.

“Until It Fades” is a touching story about love, forgiveness, and second chances. Strong character development, interesting writing, and realistic depictions of small-town life make the work popular.

12. “Beneath This Mask” by Meghan March

“Beneath This Mask” by Meghan March is the first novel in the Beneath series, a contemporary romance story about interconnected lovers. In this part, Charlotte “Charlie” Stone hides from her background and affluent life. She becomes a tattoo artist in New Orleans.

When he meets Charlie, former Navy pilot and mayoral contender Simon Duchesne is captivated. Their love is undeniable, despite Charlie’s desire to keep her history a secret.

As their connection grows, Charlie must face her past and identity, while Simon struggles with his political and personal life. To build a future, they must navigate love, trust, and vulnerability.

“Beneath This Mask” is a sensual, emotional novel about love, atonement, and the bravery to face one’s history. The characters, plot, and New Orleans setting make the novel popular.

13. “Ravishing the Heiress” by Sherry Thomas

“Ravishing the Heiress” by Sherry Thomas is a Victorian romance about Millicent (Millie) Graves and Fitzhugh (Fitz) Dorset, the Earl of Sheringham. Despite loving another lady, Fitz marries affluent heiress Millie to safeguard his family’s estate. Millie recommends that they stay married in name only for eight years, after which Fitz can follow his true love if he still wants to.

Millie and Fitz grow close over time, but their initial agreement hinders them from truly accepting their affection for one other. They must face their feelings, previous decisions, and the potential of a future together as their eight-year arrangement ends.

“Ravishing the Heiress” addresses love, friendship, sacrifice, and relationships. Characters, romance, and Victorian England’s cultural expectations are the novel’s strengths.

14. “Where the Lost Wander” by Amy Harmon

“Where the Lost Wander” by Amy Harmon is a historical romance set in the 1850s amid US westward expansion. Naomi May and her family travel the Oregon Trail to build a fresh life in the West. She encounters half-Pawnee, half-white wagon train guide John Lowry.

Naomi and John bond in the wilderness despite the perils and challenges of their trek. Their love is tested and deepened by road hardships, Native American wars, and fellow travellers’ biases.

“Where the Lost Wander” is a powerful novel about love, tenacity, and the human spirit during a key time in American history. The work is noted for its vivid descriptions of the western frontier, intriguing characters, and realistic depictions of Oregon Trail hardships.

15. “Come Back for Me” by Corinne Michaels

Single parents romance books

Corinne Michaels’ “Come Back for Me” begins The Arrowood Brothers series, a contemporary romance about four brothers. Connor Arrowood, a former Navy SEAL, returns to his family’s farm following his father’s death to fulfil a vow.

In his hometown, Connor meets Ellie Jameson, a single mother who is struggling to take care of her daughter and deal with her cruel ex-husband. Even though they both have problems, Connor and Ellie find strength in each other.

As their relationship grows, they have to deal with their pasts, their fears, and the trials of new love. When they hold each other, they find second chances, trust, and healing.

“Come Back for Me” is a story about love, family, and how strong people can be. Popularity comes from the story, the characters, and the real link between the two main characters.

16. “The Coppersmith Farmhouse” by Devney Perry

“The Coppersmith Farmhouse” by Devney Perry begins the Jamison Valley series, a contemporary romance set in Prescott, Montana. Georgia “Gigi” Fisher, a single mother, inherits a farmhouse from an unknown guy in this novel. She and Rowen move to Prescott for a new start.

Gigi meets the town’s moody sheriff, Jess Cleary, who was close friends with the guy who gave her the farmhouse. Jess wants to preserve Gigi’s legacy despite his initial mistrust. Gigi and Jess are lured together by the little town’s charm and close-knit community despite their difficult start.

As their relationship grows, they must overcome heartbreak, insecurity, and the problems of combining their lives. Gigi and Jess learn about love, trust, and the healing power of belonging.

The touching narrative “The Coppersmith Farmhouse” covers love, forgiveness, and community. The story is noted for its intriguing characters, slow-burn romance, and lovely small-town atmosphere.

17. “Worth the Fall” by Claudia Connor

“Worth the Fall” by Claudia Connor is the first novel in The McKinney Brothers series, a contemporary romance about siblings. In this tale, Navy SEAL Matt McKinney meets pregnant widow Abby Davis and her four young children on a beach vacation.

Matt is drawn to Abby and her children despite their struggles. And he wants to be a part of their life. As their relationship grows, Abby must face her worries and insecurities. While Matt considers quitting his perilous work for their new family.

“Worth the Fall” is a touching story about love, sacrifice, and family. The work is noted for its intriguing characters, delicate romance, and realistic depiction of military and single-parent struggles.

18. “Loving Deviant” by Laurann Dohner

“Loving Deviant” by Laurann Dohner is the ninth novel in the Cyborg Seduction series, a science fiction romance about cyborgs finding love and acceptance. Deviant, a cyborg raised in a harsh environment, is the protagonist of this edition.

Deviant rescues Tammy, a woman in need of medical attention, after a spaceship transporting human women crashes on the cyborgs’ distant planet. As he helps her recuperate, they discover a deep and passionate bond they never expected.

Deviant and Tammy must navigate the complexity of their new love while fighting for their survival against external obstacles, including cyborg prejudice and cultural divides.

“Loving Deviant” is a hot tale about love, acceptance, and the power of connection between seemingly dissimilar people. Characters, action, and the Cyborg Seduction series’ world-building make the novel popular.

19. “The Opposite of You” by Rachel Higginson

“The Opposite of You” by Rachel Higginson is a contemporary romance about Vera Delane, a gifted cook who comes home after failing in Europe. She opens a food truck across from Killian Quinn’s popular and posh restaurant, determined to start again.

Vera and Killian first compete and cook differently. After spending time together, they establish a strong relationship that surpasses their kitchen rivalry.

As their romance grows, they must overcome work hurdles, previous mistakes, and culinary pressures. Trust, teamwork, and love transform them.

“The Opposite of You” is a sweet story about love, ambition, and creativity. The story is noted for its intriguing characters, clever dialogue, and delectable cuisine and culinary art descriptions.

20. “Forever Right Now” by Emma Scott

“Forever Right Now” by Emma Scott is a contemporary romance about Darlene Montgomery, a recovering heroin user who goes to San Francisco. Darlene moves into a close-knit apartment community and starts dancing to change her life.

Sawyer Haas, a law student and single father raising his baby daughter, lives across from Darlene. Darlene and Sawyer build a close connection despite their differences and problems.

As their relationship evolves, they must face their pasts, fears, and the challenges of life together. Love, redemption, and second chances teach them strength.

“Forever Right Now” is a touching tale about love, forgiveness, and human endurance. The work is noted for its intriguing characters, romantic romance, and realistic portrayal of recovery and single-parent struggles.

These books offer a variety of storylines, from sweet and heartwarming to intense and emotional, with single parents navigating the challenges and joys of parenthood while finding love. Enjoy exploring these single-parent romance novels and discovering your favourites.

conclusion: Single Parents Romance Books

In conclusion, single-parent romance books offer readers a unique perspective on love, family, and resilience. These stories often feature strong, independent characters who face numerous challenges while raising children on their own. As they navigate the complexities of parenthood, they find love and support in the most unexpected places. These novels not only celebrate the power of love but also highlight the strength and courage of single parents as they strive to provide the best lives for their children.

The appeal of single-parent romance books lies in the emotional depth and realistic portrayal of the character’s struggles and triumphs. Readers are captivated by the heartwarming stories that unfold as these characters find love and happiness. And the strength to overcome their challenges. With engaging storytelling, relatable characters, and a focus on themes like redemption, forgiveness, and second chances. Single-parent romance novels continue to be a popular and beloved genre within contemporary romance literature.


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